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Second Sense - Beyond Vision Loss

Frank Valliere

Patron Sponsor: Nuveen corporate logo "Nuveen a TIAA Company"Raised in New England and schooled in Boston, Frank Valliere explored many mediums and subjects. He has worked the last forty-five years as an all-purpose illustrator, designer, fabricator, and restorer of everything from jewelry and handbags to furniture and houses,

Light, color, shape, and texture combine to provide the atmospheres that drive Frank’s work. There are rarely people in his landscapes, but their presence is often implied by old barns and retired or old working vehicles. His paintings seem to grow over time, taking weeks, months, sometimes years to reach maturity. As well as being in numerous collections, Frank’s work has been exhibited throughout New England and in national and international shows.

“While I do many things in spite of my low vision, I feel my art is a by-product of it.  Order, placement and detail are necessary components of my work as well as in my everyday life.  Art should extend beyond the frame and into the three-dimensional environment. “

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