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Second Sense - Beyond Vision Loss

David Simpson

My approach to art varies from painting to painting and season-to-season depending on what inspires or enchants me at the time, and also, what my eyes can handle depending on the kind of dominant light source of any given season. This may lead one, who is not attuned to creative processes, or visual impairments to believe I am flippant and incorrigibly defiant of convention; they would be right and wrong, at the same-time. I try to remain adaptable in my style approach. It helps me to avoid, as much as possible, the “dead end” game of “perfectionism”; not locking my work into some type of hyper-analytical purism keeps me free to create, explore, and, yes, at times, accept convention when it suits my needs. If it makes sense, I will let go of convention in a heartbeat when I see a better way to make sense to the structure of a composition or an interpretation of the piece. When the twisting of the creative process has subsided, my pieces tend to end up in the representational narrative spectrum. That is where I feel the most freedom to combine my love of storytelling and my desire to visualize the story itself; my lyrical abstractions rests and delights my eyes and mind letting me know there are other ways to tell a story and visualize it as well.

Run Flower Run

The Air Nut Sucker

The Warming of Thorfador's Nose