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Second Sense - Beyond Vision Loss

Constance Avery

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“The influences of nature, light, and color were hindered by cataracts and retinitis pigmentosa/usher’s syndrome from the beginning of my painting career. After having the cataracts removed, the colors and brightness of nature and life around me became my guide and inspiration to improve as an artist. Even though the RP still keeps my peripheral vision limited, it does not limit my central vision. The thrill of discovering colors, lights, and atmospheric presence (shadows and light)has inspired me to push the boundaries of acrylic painting to another level. “Painting, for me, is about the exploration of lines, colors, and composition to discover/see what can be created visually. Ultimately, the thrill is when people w/normal vision see more than I can see and are moved by it.

“One of my techniques involves painter’s tape.  Applying painter’s tape to a painted surface randomly creates a step using that medium to cover some of the underpainting.  The next layer is painting over the tape and usually the whole painting.  This process gives me a mystery to reveal when removing the painter’s tape. The fragmentation and distortions from this process reminds me of the different views of nature.  The trees, flowers, clouds, etc. which include air, light, shadows and movements.  Nature and life is constantly changing and moving.  These are things that people w/normal vision may take for granted.

“The process of dripping acrylic ink spontaneously on a vertical surface of canvas; be it blank or painted, can create a new layer of exploration of a painting.  The lines and marks create journeys of color, movement, and depth.  For me, the lines help me to stop and study the parts of the whole story/painting. The application of the solid colors creates another path to follow and explore.  The two different styles used together in some of my paintings give me an opportunity to create a whole new journey.

“Each painting is a journey of my visual life, as my visual field seems to be shrinking slowly, so each and every evolution of a finished and successful painting is important to me.”

Adirondack Morning (Judi Jasek Jurors' Choice Award: First Place)

The Guardian

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