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Second Sense - Beyond Vision Loss

Constance Avery

I paint my art journeys through the restrictions of my vision. Being legally blind for many years has been an asset in my search for developing my work.”

I use the difficulties of my vision to zoom into colors, lines and shapes I see creating the movement and stories of my art. I also use the macro lens of my camera in exploring many aspects of nature and everyday objects. I go to the array of ways I see things and dial into an abstract format to apply vivid and varied mixtures of colors and images to my canvases. This allows me to show viewers different paths of visual stimulation while they are traveling along my artistic journey.

I start my canvas with bold swatches of colors and stark lines. This is the threshold of my art journey. Next I stand back and start my art travel from afar. This allows me to view the colors, shapes, and even textures of these first elements in the keyhole that is my field of vision. This allows me a freedom from many things that restrict most artists that have unchecked vision. Taking photos of my work during the painting process allows me to see my view in still more views. Having cataract surgery opened up my keyhole vision to bright colors which I can transfer to my canvas at will. Sequences of seeing and doing amount to numerous visitations that yield stimulating legions of bright hues of color. In every project I undertake I create several works in many mediums and techniques. Many of these techniques involve direct use of tools consisting of interesting objects to be found around any home.

Arborum Spem

Music Calms the Fires