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Second Sense - Beyond Vision Loss

Charles Grover

I have macular degeneration, which takes away one’s central, acute vision. I began experiencing vision loss about twenty years ago, and became legally blind at the end of 1996.

Not driving means more walking, with its slower pace through the world, and a more intimate contact with it. The change in vision has also changed the way I perceive what I see and shoot, hence the name of my web site, ‘with a different eye.’ If it weren’t for my MD, I’d probably not be as involved in photography as I am.

I need magnification for many tasks. I use a hand magnifier to set my camera, and I must really concentrate on framing a picture. Still, I don’t really see what I’ve captured until I get it up on my computer screen.

I’ve done photography intermittently since the mid 1950s, but never with the eye which MD has given me. I have had no formal photographic or artistic schooling, other than a couple of years of wheel-thrown, high fire stoneware work in the early 1960s.

I cherish our deliberate and our accidental beauties, and those in nature. I enjoy illusion, and I sometimes try for a little mystery, as well as having some fun.

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