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Second Sense - Beyond Vision Loss

Charles Blackwell

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“I create pieces in order to provoke inspiration and thus giving life to the human spirit.

As a young man, Charles Blackwell’s visual arts studies at Sacramento City College were cut short after he fell head first down a steep slope, damaging his eyesight.  “My blindness, in a sense, gives me the originality. When painting, I’ll strain my eye to see, until the reality of being partially blind registers”. He then relies on instinct, sloshing colors between thick lines, serendipitously moving his art along the path to completion.

Charles has won numerous service awards for his volunteer work and advocacy for the arts. He has shown in over 55 exhibitions nationally, had several of his plays performed, written 5 books, presented talks at colleges and universities, been published in magazines & journals, recited his poetry at open mic nights across the bay area including the Beat Museum in North Beach, appeared on radio and won awards and prizes for his art and community work…to name but a few of his achievements. Blackwell holds a degree in Sociology with a minor in Studio Art from Cal State Chico.

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