What Is A Vision Rehabilitation Therapist?

A vision rehabilitation therapist is specially trained to teach people with vision loss how to safely complete daily living tasks using adaptive techniques and assistive technology so a person can remain independent.  Areas of instruction include:

  • Communication skills: reading, handwriting, braille, recording skills, computer access
  • Personal care: grooming, clothing organization, medication management
  • Home management: organizing an labeling, home repairs, financial management
  • Activities of daily living: cooking, cleaning, shopping, money organization
  • Leisure and recreation: crafts, sports, hobbies
  • Travel: orientation in different environments, moving safely indoors and outdoors, using a white cane, public transportation, human guide technique
  • Counseling: emotional and practical support for the individual, family and friends on adjusting to vision loss

You can read more about the full scope of services of CVRTs.