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Second Sense - Beyond Vision Loss

Starting and Maintaining a Vibrant Low Vision Support Group Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Getting Your Support Group off to a Good Start

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting a Vision Loss Support Group
Now that You Have Decided to Start a Group
What Are Vision Loss Support Groups All About?
Marketing: Finding Group Members
What Do Group Members Need?
Ten Things to Keep in Mind When Interacting with Group Members

Chapter 2: Keeping Your Group Active and Vibrant

Nuts and Bolts of Running a Group
Meeting Content: Discussions You Can Do!
Tips on Using Speakers
20 Speakers to Invite and Suggested Topics
Safety Considerations for Your Group (Indoors and Out)
Planning for Leadership Transition
Jobs You Can Delegate: Engaging Group Members

Chapter 3: What You Need to Know

What Is Vision Rehabilitation and Who Are the Professionals?
Age-Related Eye Diseases
What Does “Legally Blind” Mean?
What Is a Low Vision Exam?
Adjustment to Vision Loss
Everyday Tasks with Low Vision and Beyond
Magnifier Facts
Step-by-Step Guides for Some Common Tasks
Beyond Low Vision

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