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Second Sense - Beyond Vision Loss

What Are Vision Loss Support Groups All About?

Different people seek different things from support groups. There are members in every group who are looking to:

  • Feel less depressed about their vision loss and how it affects absolutely everything they do or want to do all day long
  • Gain emotional support from being in the company of others sharing the same experience
  • Manage the feelings of frustration and anger
  • Stop feeling overwhelmed and helpless
  • Learn what they need to do differently to resume their life
  • Gain knowledge of special tools, resources and training that exist for people with vision loss
  • Make choices for themselves that are positive steps towards regaining their independence and sense of purpose in life

Some groups may focus on all of these issues. Others may spend most of the discussion time on just a few. It is important to find a group that will help you achieve your goals. Even if the first group you try doesn’t work for you, don’t give up.

Support groups can meet in person, by phone or online. There are a variety of options available. Give us a call at 312-236-8569 and we’ll help you find a group to support you.