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Jobs You Can Delegate: Engaging Group Members to Feel Ownership

You have taken on a lot of responsibility by becoming the support group leader.  But, this doesn’t mean you have to (or even should) do everything yourself.  Encourage your group members to take on some of these roles can give you more time to focus on the meeting and can increase your member’s engagement.

  1. Reminder calls: have several volunteers
  2. “Greeter” to welcome people, assist with refreshments (even if it is just letting them know what’s available)
  3. “Buddy” for new members: a greeter that is available to give extra attention to anyone new
    • Take their name and phone number
    • Show them where to sit
    • Show them where the washroom is
    • Introduce them to other group members but also stay near them during their first meeting in case they have questions
    • Alert the group leader that someone new has joined for that meeting
  4. Serve refreshments to people whose mobility makes it too difficult to carry food/drink or maneuver safely without help
  5. Someone to help with set-up and/or clean-up
  6. Committee to plan speakers or discussion topics for the future