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Second Sense - Beyond Vision Loss

Top Ten Adaptive Products

The following products can help someone with vision loss complete many daily tasks with little or no assistance. The ability to complete tasks independently contributes to increased self-confidence and improve self esteem and should be a part of a person’s independence tool box.

Talking watch with a large face

Large-Faced Talking Watch

Most of these products can be purchased from Second Sense in our Product Center or through online catalogs and your state’s vision rehabilitation program.

1. Large Face or Talking Watch

A large face watch has good contrast and large numbers for easy readability. A talking watch can tell the time with a touch of a button and also has capabilities of setting an hourly announcement and alarm.

2. Talking Clock

Talking clocks come in a variety of sizes and shapes and are stable to put on a nightstand or tabletop. Time is announced with the touch of a button and the clocks are easy to set. Some talking clocks offer hourly announcements, large displays, date announcement, volume controls and different alarm sounds.

3. 20/20 Pen

This is a bold, felt tip pen that makes handwriting stand out. The pen does not bleed through paper and does not leak.

Signature Guide

Using a 20/20 Pen with a Signature Guide

4. Writing Guides – signature, check, envelope or letter

Writing guides come in a variety of sizes and are designed for specific tasks. Sign a receipt, write a check or address and envelope following the guides. Guides are made from durable plastic, are lightweight and easy to carry to help manage everyday tasks without assistance.

5. Large Print Calendar, Date Book and Address Book

Large print wall calendar or spiral bound datebook provide ample space to write down appointments and special days. The days and months are in bold print for easy readability.  A Large print address book is an easy way to keep track of contacts, with plenty of space to write phone numbers and addresses.

6. Digital Audio Recorder

Digital audio recorders are great for taking down important information such as doctor’s instructions, medication dosages, important phone numbers and dates. Basic recorders range from very easy to use to more technical with varying amounts of recording time and battery life.

7. Magnifiers

Magnifiers help with reading small print or items with fine detail. Available with or without light, magnifiers come in a variety of sizes and strengths and are great for reading price tags, food labels or medication bottles.

Gentleman wearing dark sunshields

Amber Sunshields

8. Bump and Locator Dots

Bump and locator dots come in a variety of sizes and shapes providing a way to differentiate between many surfaces. These tactile reference points are great for labeling flat screens on microwaves, stoves, washers, dryers and computer keyboards.

9. Sunglasses or Sunshields

Sunglasses with UVA and UVB protection are essential for protecting eyes from ultraviolet rays that can damage eyes. Sun shields come in a variety of tints to help with glare control. Sunshields have a comfortable fit and can be worn inside or outside or over an existing pair of eyeglasses.

10. A tray!

A tray stops spills and catches crumbs and pills that would otherwise roll away.  A tray can help anyone stay organized doing a variety of tasks while minimizing mess and frustration.