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Second Sense - Beyond Vision Loss

Second Sense Annual Staff Trivia Challenge

Remember Jim’s rule: you can’t look up the answer or you are cheating and have to sit in the corner!

1.  Who created the 1959 television series “The Twilight Zone”?

A. Alfred Hitchcock

B. Orsen Welles

C. Rod Serling

D. Merv Griffin

2. What is the world’s largest pizza chain, with over 13,000 locations world-wide?

A. Domino’s

B. Pizza Hut

C. Papa John’s

D. Little Caesar’s

3. Which couple in the 1950s was executed for spying for the Soviet Union?

A. The Rosenbergs

B. The Mertzes

C. The Romanos

D. The Jeffersons

4. What is the only insect that can turn its head 180 degrees?

A. Grasshopper

B. Praying Mantis

C. Cricket

D. Cockroach

5. What painter’s masterpiece called “The Night Watch” is hanging in Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum?

A. Pierre Auguste Renoir

B. Pablo Picasso

C. Vincent van Gogh

D. Rembrandt van Rijk

6. President John F. Kennedy was born on May 29th 1917.  All of the following facts are true EXCEPT?

A. Won a Pulitzer Prize

B. Youngest elected US President

C. First Roman Catholic President

D. Won a Nobel Peace Prize

7. What was the name of Al Pacino’s character in the movie “Scarface”?

A. Michael Corleone

B. Tony Montana

C. Tony Soprano

D. Nicky Santoro

8. Which animal almost always give birth to identical quadruplets?

A. African Hedgehog

B. Loggerhead Sea Turtle

C. Brazilian porcupine

D. Nine-banded Armadillo

9. The UZI submachine gun was developed for what nation’s army?

A. Israel

B. Iraq

C. German

D. IRan

10. How many carats is the Hope Diamond? 

A. 22.72

B. 45.52

c. 69.32

D. 115.82

11. Who won a Grammy Award for his album “52nd Street”?

A. Elton John

B. Tony Bennett

C. Frank Sinatra

D. Billy Joel

12. Which US President was offered pro football contracts with the Detroit Lions and the Green Bay Packers?

A. George H. Bush

B. Gerald Ford

C. Ronald Reagan

C. Dwight Eisenhower

13. At what time is the National Moment of Remembrance held on Memorial Day?

A. 9:00 am

B. 11:00 am

C. Noon

D. 3:00 pm

14. Which part of the body is inflamed if one suffers from encephalitis?

A. Spleen

B. Kidney

C. Liver

D. Brain

15. What does the “A” stand for in NATO?

A. American

B. Association

C. Atlantic

D. Assembly

16. Which country has three capital cities?

A. Kenya

B. New Zealand

C. Nepal

D. South Africa

17. Actor Michael Keaton took the last name Keaton to avoid confusion with what other famous Michael?

A. Michael Douglas

B. Michael Jackson

C. Michael Landon

D. Michael Caine

18. Which Beatles song ends with the line: “You know I feel alright”?

A. Twist and Shout

B. A Hard Day’s Night

C. Help

D. I Want to Hold Your Hand

19. Who is the only US President to receive a patent?

A. Abraham Lincoln

B. Richard Nixon

C. John F. Kennedy

D. George W. Bush

20. What year was Second Sense founded?