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Second Sense - Beyond Vision Loss

Professional Development

Individual Counseling

Our rehabilitation therapist meets with you individually to help you determine the career path that will best meet your goals. We will help you clarify your options, set your career goal and identify the path that will get you there. You will be equipped with the tools to manage your own job search. Contact Kathy Austin at 312-236-8569 to schedule an appointment or for more information.

Professional Development Workshops

We offer a variety of workshops that focus on topics related to employment and your job search. Below are the workshops we have scheduled for 2015-2016:

The Other Side of the Desk: What is in the interviewer’s mind?

Learn more about what goes through the average interviewer/HR professional’s mind when they are faced with interviewing someone with vision loss. What are their legal concerns? What are the stereo types they might be harboring? Understanding more about their point of view can help you direct the interview conversation to your advantage.

Keeping Up with Job-Things You’ll Want to Consider

There is more to being successful at work than just getting the job done. Many jobs are lost more because the new hire doesn’t fit in rather than due to a lack of qualifications. Through discussions of scenarios, become aware of job etiquette hazards and pitfalls that exist for everyone as well as extra considerations for workers with vision loss in search of equality and independence.

What To Do About Work When Your Vision is Failing

Learn about ways you can adapt to working with vision loss as well as discuss options for your future. How do you let your co-workers know and what about your supervisor? Come armed with some answers that will help you make the best decision for your career.

How Do I Get to Someplace New?

Panel Discussion of strategies, technology, and O&M skills needed to get to some place you have never been before. Seminar is for the job-seeker about to go on interviews as well as people who want their freedom to travel as they did before vision loss. How do the successful blind travelers do it? How do you face your concerns of getting lost or being at risk?