Half-Day Classes and Workshops

Learn Just What You Want to Know in Convenient Half-Day Classes

Charlotte sits at a computer using online shopping websites

Second Sense offers a wide range of classes  on the latest tools and technology.  We offer classes on weekdays and Saturdays.  We offer our most popular classes several times each year, favorites every year and new or expanding technology subjects in a timely manner.

Our classes are in our computer training classroom with 10-workstations, each equipped with the latest adaptive technology. Training classes are all hands-on, teaching you to use the software, application or device in real time. Our workshops introduce you to different types of adaptive technology and ways to technology for your independence.

You can take classes on:

  • Software like Advanced Word, Excel Spreadsheets and PowerPoint
  • Apple iPhones, Apps and Settings
  • Adaptive Technology Software
  • Shopping Online
  • Social Media

Check out our calendar for upcoming workshops.  Join our mailing list for Making Sense to read about all our training options each month.  You can receive it in large print, braille or email versions.