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Second Sense - Beyond Vision Loss

When You Interact with Someone with Vision Loss

Please treat a person with vision loss the same as you would anyone else, but keep these ten points in mind:

  1. Ask first, if you think they may need assistance.
  2. Offer your elbow to escort a person to their destination.  Never pull someone’s arm or grab their clothing.  Learn more about Human Guide on this tip sheet.
  3. Let the person know about any potential danger in a calm voice, giving specific information.
  4. Give specific directions such as “to the right” and not “over there.”
  5. Use audible cues such as tapping on a chair to show where it is or describing obstacles being passed.
  6. Speak in a normal tone of voice.
  7. Talk to the person, not to their companion.
  8. Tell the person when you enter or leave the room.
  9. Use words like “look” and “see” just as you would with a sighted person.
  10. Ask before you move any personal items.