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Second Sense - Beyond Vision Loss

1Touch™ Self-Defense Class

Self-Defense Training Can Increase Your Confidence

Student and instructor practice release moves
1Touch™ is for people with vision loss.  It can boost your confidence when traveling alone, increase your safety and improve your mobility skills.

Have you ever had someone grab your arm without asking?  They may be trying to help, but don’t understand the impact their action has on you.  You will learn simple release moves that will quickly put you back in control.

Why 1Touch?

  • Open to everyone
  • No previous self-defense or martial arts training is needed
  • Techniques do not depend upon strength or agility
  • Taught by instructors certified in 1Touch and in vision rehabilitation training.
  • Addresses the feelings of vulnerabity you may have when traveling with your cane
  • Gives you a way to respond to strangers grabbing you, whether it is intended as assistance or a threat
  • Participation improves balance and sense of orientation


Does It Really Work?

John recently retired after many years of working in the busy downtown area. He has used a white cane for many years and travels extensively — often alone. He has also rappelling down a sky scraper, jumped from an airplane and sailed solo. This is a guy who is not afraid of what the world has to offer. However, John said he has thought about self-defense for all the years that he has been coming downtown because he always felt vulnerable.

After just the first class, he felt optimistic, empowered, and that “this would really mean something — he would no longer feel like a weak target!”  Happily, he reported that the class has met his expectations.  He was very surprised at all the options he has for doing the different techniques. He feels he has gained “tons of self-confidence” and a sense of self-assuredness that was not there before learning 1Touch maneuvers.