Monday Afternoon Discussion

Join our Monday Afternoon Discussion Group to share in a conversation about issues related to living with vision loss.  This groups meets the fourth Monday of each month from 1:00 to 2:30 pm.

Our Discussion Group offers you the opportunity to discuss different issues you are facing as an adult with vision loss. A different topic is set for each meeting. The group is lead by Polly Abbott, our Certified Vision Rehabilitation Therapist.  She will facilitate the discussions and share ideas about resources and training that can help group members tackle the challenges they are facing.

Our discussion topics for July – June 2016 are:

Monday, July 27: Technology: Are You a Fan or are You Phobic?

Share your point of view on the benefits and drawbacks of the technology you use in your life. How much does it really increase your independence? Does it cause stress and anxiety? Have you been reluctant to jump on the technology bandwagon? How can a techno neophyte face fears and start gaining skills? Do you have some “tried and true” old-school strategies you can share?

August 24: Food and Vision Loss

How has vision loss impacted your eating habits? Have you stopped preparing your own meals because it’s too frustrating to find the right items in the fridge or you are afraid to fire up the grill? Do you have trouble judging portions because you can’t see what is on your plate? Are you engaging in emotional eating? You are not alone! Join us as we discuss the impact of vision loss on eating habits and share how to get control back into this part of your life.

September 28: The Chair: The Emotional Toll of Eye Doctor Visits

Does the thought of another trip to the eye doctor cause you to ride a roller coaster of hope and despair? Is your family riding with you? We’ll take some time to share and compare experiences and talk about ways we can sit more comfortably in “the chair.”

October 26: Guest Speaker: John Gleichman, AIA, CSI, CCS

Meet John Gleichman, a Chicago area architect, living and working with Retinitis Pigmentosa.  John shares his journey of living with vision loss, raising a family and reinventing his career as an architect.

November 23: Reflections

The year is drawing to a close and the holiday season is here.  Come reflect over the changes you’ve made in the past year while enjoying some potluck snacks and beverages.

December:  No meeting

January 25: Successful Vacationing

It’s cold outside! Are you dreaming of sun and warmth? Many people with vision loss want a vacation but hesitate when contemplating some of the challenges they might face when trying to enjoy it.  Sometimes it is the simplest tasks such as navigating the hotel lobby that seem to take the relaxation out of time away from home.  Maybe you love the idea of swimming in the ocean but worry about finding your way back to the beach?  Let’s talk about what is stopping you from enjoying yourself and discover ways to take charge of your time away.

February 22: Significant Others

Today, we invite you to bring your significant other to talk about the situations that arise when vision loss is in the picture.  This is a chance to meet others who have similar relationships and to compare the funny, sad, challenges and successes in our lives.

March 28: “What About Me?!”

It can be hard, and sometimes overwhelming, to care for aging parents, children or both when you feel as though you are the one who needs the support.    Do you have feelings that your needs are not being considered when taking on this responsibility?   Let’s talk about ways we can manage our feelings and responsibilities so everyone feels cared for.

April 25: People on the Street

How do you think the world at large views a person with a white cane?  What has been your experience with the general public?  Come tell us about the best and the worst of your experiences and   how you can make your interactions with the public a positive one.

May 23:

We often hear about Deaf culture and the Deaf community.  Is there a “Blind culture and community”?  How does it co-mingle with the “sighted world”?  Where do you see yourself belonging?

June 27: Consumer Groups:  Why Join?

Today, we welcome two of our Second Sense volunteers who belong to well-known consumer groups, Maureen Heneghan with the American Council of the Blind of Metropolitan Chicago and Gina Falvo with the National Federation of the Blind, Chicago Chapter. Each will share their personal story about what belonging to a national consumer group has meant to them.  Maureen and Gina provide insight on how being an active participant in their respective organizations has given them a sense of purpose and belonging.

To learn more, email Polly Abbott or call 312-236-8569.