Wish List

Second Sense staff has compiled a list of items that would help us deliver our programs more effectively.  Some of these items are needed on a regular basis and some are one-time requests.  If you are interested in underwriting or donating any of these items, or know of a community group or local company that might be interested, please contact Cheryl Megurdichian at 312-236-8569.

Items to support our Judi Jasek Low Vision Center

AA and AAA batteries – We strive to include batteries with every purchase of a magnifier or talking product that requires them. This allows us to set the time on our talking clocks for the purchaser, something that is not always easy for them to do. It also helps our seniors, who purchase most of the magnifiers. Replacing the batteries in magnifiers is often difficult to do—with many having small levers and buttons and tiny print. Last year we gave away 464 batteries.

Gently used CCTVs or other electronic magnifiers – We will match these expensive devices to clients who will make good use of them. Many of our clients cannot afford the heafty price tag on these great tools.

Items to support our Independent Living Skills Training

Cooking Class – Our cooking students gain safe kitchen skills, while building their confidence, enhancing their problem solving skills and increasing their independence. Our existing equipment is getting old, and we are looking to increase our supply of kitchen tools.

Sewing Class – Sewing is not only a great activity for relaxation, it is a great way to improve small motor skills. Like cooking, sewing can also increase confidence and independence.

Items to support our Adaptive Technology Training Center

Computer Training Classes

  • USB flash drives: Each student who attends our comprehensive computer training classes needs a flash drive for class materials, homework assignments and notes. Approximately 50 students participate in our comprehensive training classes each year.
  • Blank CDRs and sleeves: Many students request demonstration versions of the adaptive software prior to purchase.  Some of the versions are only available as downloads from the Internet.  For those students who do not have Internet access, we will download the software to a CDR for the student to take home and upload onto their computer.  We provide about 35 copies of these demonstration program each year.

Apple Tutoring

  • iTunes gift cards: To download apps designed for people with vision loss (e.g. Money Identifier) for demonstration

Internet webcam ($100) – This will allow Second Sense staff to provide remote access to our workshops for those who can not attend in person.