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Second Sense - Beyond Vision Loss

A Year of Braille: What is Refreshable Braille?

Friday, July 27 - 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Second Sense
65 E. Wacker Place, Suite 1010
Chicago, IL 60601

Are you using your braille skills? Braille is an important skill and can be very useful in your daily life, but are you putting your knowledge to good use? We can help you master practical uses for braille in our new program, A Year of Braille in Your Life.

Beginning in January 2018, we’ll meet twice a month to work on a specific way you can use braille. The first session of the month teaches you the symbols and rules needed for the task with reading and writing activities. The second session that month focuses on putting that knowledge into real, practical use.

This course is designed for anyone who is currently enrolled in a braille program, or has braille knowledge, and wants to incorporate this skill in a practical way.

You can choose to attend any or all of the sessions, but registering prior to each class is a must. Please call our front desk or email email Polly Abbott. to register.

Here’s how we’ll be practicing practical ways to use braille:

January – Creating and Keeping Track of Appointments

  • January 12: Read and write dates and times
  • January 26: Learn to use braille to keep appointments and read a commercially produced braille calendar

February: Cooking with Braille

  • February 9: Read and write cooking related fractions and measurements
  • February 23: Read a braille recipe and cook from it

March: Having Fun with Card Games

  • March 9: Read braille on playing and Uno cards
  • March 23: Play card games and braille your own scorecard

April: Be the King or Queen of Your Castle

  • April 13: Learn to create labels for home items, appliances or important papers
  • April 27: Create passwords with correct braille notation, explore clothing labeling systems and learn about reading measurements in braille for home repairs or hobbies

May: Spring Haikus

  • May 11: Create a haiku or poem about nature and practice writing and formatting with a slate and stylus or Perkins brailler
  • May 25: Write a haiku about braille or living with vision loss and read your composition to the class

June: Having Fun with Letter Games

  • June 8: Play Scrabble and other word games
  • June 22: Play other word games like crossword puzzles and word searches

July: Braille at Work

  • July 13: No class
  • July 27: Learn about refreshable braille

August: Banking and Budgeting with Braille

  • August 10: Create a budget or check register
  • August 24: Read bank statements and utility bills

September: Having Fun with Card Games

  • September 14: Read braille on playing and Uno cards
  • September 28: Play card games and braille your own scorecard

October: Birthdays and Holidays in Braille

  • October 12: Create a personal calendar with birthdays and anniversaries
  • October 26: Make a tactile holiday or birthday card with a braille message

November: A Braille Thanksgiving

  • November 9: Write your own reflections on how braille has impacted your life
  • November 23: No class

December: Reflections on Your Year of Braille

  • December14: Share Thanksgiving reflections and some holiday treats with the class. Talk about goals for using Braille in the coming year.