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Second Sense - Beyond Vision Loss

Vision Exchange: Conference Call for Support Group Leaders

Tuesday, October 1 - 12:15 pm - 1:15 pm
Second Sense
65 E. Wacker Place, Suite 1010
Chicago, IL 60601

As a support group leader, you may have found a meeting routine that works and have stayed with it month after month. But, are you noticing a drop off in attendance? It may be time to mix it up in terms of what you offer your group! Sound daunting? Let’s talk about it!

Join Polly Abbott and other support group leaders for a lunchtime chat via conference call and share ideas to keep your group fresh and interesting.

Our Vision Exchange October topic is about mixing it up:

  • Do you feel you are keeping a balance between social, education and support for the group?
  • If you tried something new, what prompted you to make the change?
  • How did you plan and what challenges did it bring?

All support group leaders are welcome to join the conversation!

Conference call in number is 312-582-2994, bridge #301 and pin #1111.

If you have questions, please contact Polly Abbott at 312-236-8569 or email Polly Abbott.