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Second Sense - Beyond Vision Loss

Taking the First Step: What Orientation and Mobility Training Can Do for You

Friday, September 18 - 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm
Second Sense
65 E. Wacker Place, Suite 1010
Chicago, IL 60601

When your vision begins to change and the thought of going out brings feelings of anxiety, it’s time to do some thinking about taking the next step. At our “Taking the First Step” workshop, you’ll hear from our panel of individuals who have taken that first step and received O&M instruction. Our panel will share what prompted them to make this important decision and how it changed their lives.

Our discussion will address:

  • fears and feelings about using a white cane,
  • feelings about traveling when you cannot see, and
  • taking instruction on this new skill.

This class is designed for individuals who are new to vision loss, are contemplating this training or are embarking on training.

To register, please contact Polly Abbott or call 312-236-8569.