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Second Sense - Beyond Vision Loss

Equip for Equality: Fighting Discrimination in the Disability Community

Tuesday, May 11 - 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Unfortunately, it happens. As a person with a disability, your civil rights are prone to be violated. Maybe it is an employment issue in an interview setting or a housing problem with a service dog. A violation can even occur at the doctor’s office or in a hospital. When you feel you have been discriminated against, where do you turn to find support and a resolution?

Equip for Equality is a nonprofit organization that protects the civil and human rights of people with disabilities. Through self-advocacy, legal services and public policy, Equip for Equality can provide the assistance you need to remedy a discrimination claim.

At our Fighting Discrimination workshop, we welcome Andrew Webb, staff attorney from Equip for Equality. Andrew shares the ways this organization can help you through these difficult and challenging issues. Andrew also discusses Equip for Equality’s special projects and initiatives that help bring equality to the disability community.

If you have a particular question relating to a discrimination issue, please send your questions prior to the workshop to Kathy Austin and Andrew will address it during our time together.

Along with your questions, Andrew addresses the following:

  • What services does EFE provide?
  • What types of cases does EFE support?
  • How do I access legal services?

To join this informative workshop, call our conference line at 312-809-1004. For questions, email Kathy Austin.