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Second Sense - Beyond Vision Loss

Breakfast Time!

Tuesday, May 5 - 9:00 am - 11:00 am
Second Sense
65 East Wacker Place
Chicago, IL 60601

Breakfast Time

Wake up! It’s time to start thinking outside the cereal box.

It’s all about breakfast food, so come eager to learn how to prepare new recipes you can enjoy at the start of every day.

This series of cooking classes will help you perfect your flipping, slicing and measuring techniques for safe meal preparation. You can choose to attend all the classes or just those that focus on the skills you want to improve.

Our classes meet on the first Tuesday of every month from January through June with the following menus and cooking techniques:

Tuesday, January 6: This month you will learn how to flip food over in a pan, and you will get the chance to practice flipping with both control and accuracy while making delicious French toast.

Tuesday, February 3: Now that you’ve mastered the basics of flipping in a pan, it’s time to turn it up a notch. You will learn to prepare fried eggs and bacon, a bit more challenging but just as good to eat.

Tuesday, March 3: March is all about measuring. You will learn to bake muffins and cinnamon rolls with care and accuracy, measuring out your own ingredients to prepare these mouth-watering foods from scratch.

Tuesday, April 7: Slice your way to a simple and healthy breakfast. This month you will practice knife skills while slicing vegetables, frittata and fruit. We will also brush up on our flipping technique.

Tuesday, May 5: Happy Cinco de Mayo! For a breakfast with a festive twist, you will continue to practice knife skills while preparing Juevos Diablo.

Tuesday, June 2: Our last session will surely be a flip-flopping good time! You will slice, measure and flip to prepare pancakes from scratch and melon as a sweet side dish.

To register for our Breakfast Time class, contact Polly Abbott at Second Sense.