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Apple Exchange: Sharing Files and Photos

Thursday, February 2 - 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Apple Exchange: Learn Something New, Improve Your Skills and Get the Most from your Apple Device

Apple Exchange is the place where you can learn how to get the most out of your Apple device. Increase your knowledge with our skill building topics and share your own tips and struggles with other Apple users. You’ll learn about a wide variety of apps perfect for maintaining your independence, along with latest releases and accessibility issues.

Apple Exchange meets the first Thursday of the month via conference call. Dial 312-809-1004 to join our discussion.

Upcoming topics:

January 5 – Photos

Learn new ways to search, explore and label a photo using VoiceOver.

February 2 – Sharing Files and Photos

Select files or photos and send via text, email and more.

March 2 – Emoji’s

Learn how to search and insert emoji’s into text messages.

April 6 – Exploring your iPhone Settings

Smart changes you can make in the Settings Center.

May 4 – What’s in the Cloud

Using your iCloud storage for backups and more.

June 1 – Siri Shortcuts

Learn how to create and use a Siri shortcut for increased productivity.

For questions about Apple Exchange, please email us.