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Second Sense - Beyond Vision Loss

Advanced Orientation and Mobility: Verbal De-escalation Training

Tuesday, April 16 - 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

As a part of our Advanced Orientation and Mobility workshops, we are once again focusing on strategies to help you feel confident and comfortable when traveling with your white cane or guide dog. These upcoming workshops drill down to the finer points of situational awareness, effective communication and physical disentanglement.

We are happy to welcome back Torriente Toliver from Mind Body Defense to share his expertise and provide an opportunity to talk about situations you may have been involved in and were unsure how best to address.

These three workshops cover:

Situational Awareness Masterclass

Tuesday, March 26

This session will address the unique experiences of our participants. While everyone’s experiences may be different, your ability to gather useful information, and act on that information, can be the same. Our goal is to:

  • create a system to gauge the safety of your environment
  • make a plan of action for every situation

Verbal De-escalation Training

Tuesday, April 16

Knowing how to effectively communicate in different situations can be the difference between a good encounter and a bad one. This training session combines how to use your voice, and what to say, any time you feel uncomfortable. You will:

  • master three scripts to use in virtually any situation
  • understand when verbal de-escalation is not the best option

Defense Grip Workshop

Tuesday, April 30

This workshop focuses on skills for physical disentanglement. You will practice preventing unwanted assistance and stopping aggressive threats with these three physical skills:

  • utilizing the “Defense Grip” with a cane
  • resisting pushes and pulls
  • escaping holds and establishing holds

Each workshop takes place in-person at our Second Sense office. The first two workshops are also available via our conference line, 312-809-1004. The Defense Grip Workshop will not be available on the conference line.

To learn more, email Kathy Austin. or call 312-236-8569.