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Second Sense - Beyond Vision Loss

Christopher’s Story

We want to introduce you to Christopher. He is one of the lucky ones.

He is alive.

Christopher was shot in the head. Twice.

He was leaving his office — heading home in his car — when an unknown assailant in an unknown vehicle opened fire.

With a lot of hard work, Christopher regained most of his brain functions. But, one of the bullets exited out of his eye.

While he lost his vision, he most certainly has not lost his purpose, his positive outlook or his faith.

Christopher was able to start training right away. “I was shot in the head in March,” Christopher told us, “so this condition is very new to me.”

Christopher wearing a black jacket and shirt with a black and white striped tie.

When you lose your vision, it affects every aspect of your life.

It is challenging because I keep encountering things that used to be easy. I didn’t give them a thought,” Christopher said.  “I kept asking myself, ‘Why is it so difficult now?’

And each challenge is a re-opening of the wound. Each time I try to do something that was so easy. I find I have to re-learn everything.

“But, Siobhan and Second Sense give me the courage and the skills I need to press on through each challenge. I see them as a gift from God — helping to facilitate the training I need.”

Christopher is working with Siobhan, Second Sense’s newest staff member. She is certified to provide training in both daily living skills and mobility.

Siobhan is great. She meets me where I’m at. This is really important. She has helped facilitate with me wanting to do better and providing moral and emotional support. It is giving me the will power to move forward.”

Christopher plans to continue his work as a financial consultant. It is his career and his passion. His main focus is providing training on financial literacy.

I don’t look at my job as work I found my purpose. It is who I am.

“I feel that leaders should focus on training others, sharing their knowledge, improving lives.”

But right now, Christopher is focusing on getting back on his feet — literally. He is learning to travel independently with a white cane. Walking the streets of Chicago and taking public transit.

“Siobhan is introducing me to things I didn’t know I could still do. She talks about skills and tasks I can learn. I keep saying, ‘Oh, I can do that? I can still cross the street?’”

With your support, Christopher can learn to cross streets again. He can learn all the skills he needs to regain control over his life and get back to the work he is so passionate about.

“I see a path. Siobhan and Second Sense provide me with a light in dark situations.”

Christopher has come so far.  I know his faith and positive attitude will help him on his journey. And, your  support will ensure he reaches his goals.

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