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Why You Should Participate in the 2020 Census

March 9, 2020 | Leave a Comment

by Second Sense


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Your invitation to participate in the 2020 census should arrive in your mailbox this month.


Why Does the Census Matter to You?

Here are some very important reasons:


Billions of dollars in federal funds are distributed for transportation projects. This includes public transit, accessible pedestrian signals, truncated domes at intersections. Projects that improve your ability to get around safely.  The funding your state gets is based on census data. If you are not counted, that means less money for your city, your state, for these projects.

Your community also uses this data in planning for public transit routes, upgrades and changes.

Health and Social Services

In 2016, Illinois received 34 billion in federal dollars to support a wide variety of programs.  This includes funding for services specifically for people with vision loss – including services at Second Sense.

In addition, Medicaid reimbursement levels are derived from census data.


Federal funds for special education, Head Start, after-school programs, and free and reduced-price school lunches are determined by the census count.


The number of people who respond  in your community and your state determine:

  • Electoral votes to determine who will become president.
  • Number of seats your state has in the U.S. House of Representatives.
  • How the congressional and state legislative districts are drawn.
  • Representation for you and your state.


Will the Census be Accessible?

You can complete the census by mail, over the phone or online. The Census Bureau states the online questionnaire follows the latest Website Accessibility Content Guidelines (WACG). They also will provide braille and large print guides to assist those who respond by mail.

If you would like assistance completing the online  questionnaire, Second Sense is holding two Response Days April 2 and 15.  Bring in your invitation and we’ll help you complete the form online.

If you have questions about completing the Census, please give us a call.











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