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Staying Healthy with Talking Products

July 20, 2015 | Leave a Comment

by Jordan Giffney

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We are told from day one, “eat your fruits and vegetables,” or “make sure you drink all of your milk for strong bones.” Moms around the world have tried to instill healthy habits in kids who have no interest in finishing their vegetables. But as all children do, we grew up and no longer have our mothers to tell us right from wrong. We must rise up and take control of our own health! As they say, “your body is a temple,” so give it the royal treatment.

Monitoring important health vitals like blood pressure, blood sugar, weight and fitness activity are an important part of any person’s healthy routine. Talking products to make these tasks a little easier have arrived in Second Sense’s Product Center!

  • Talking blood pressure monitor: starts with a touch of a button and provides advanced averaging of three consecutive readings. Check out this short clip to see how easy it is to use!
  • Talking blood glucose meter: easy to identify buttons and requires no coding of test strips.
  • Talking pedometer: Tracks and announces steps and distance traveled while playing a melody in sync with your pace.
  • Talking weight scales: easy-to-use with clear announcement to help you monitor your weight.
  • Talking ear thermometer: must-have for cold and flu season! Announces body temperature with a click of a button.

Interested in any of these products? Stop in or call Brian in our Product Center at 312-236-8569 for more details.

Jordan is Second Sense’s social media intern for the summer of 2015.  Jordan is a journalism student at the University of Missouri.

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