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Take A Second Look — Date Someone Blind This Valentine’s Day!

February 12, 2013 | 2 Comments

by Polly Abbott, CVRT, OMS, Director of Rehabilitation Services at Second Sense

Polly Abbott

A co-worker recently commented with how lucky I was to have a blind husband because I was able to bring a gigantic Christmas gift in the door right under his nose, let the bag crinkle at my feet as I greeted him and store the item in plain view in a corner of a room where he never goes.

Many times, over the past 12 years of working in the field of blind rehabilitation, I have heard comments from people with vision loss regarding their difficulties in the dating world.  It is more challenging for them to date and make friends as vision loss can create a barrier that some sighted people find difficult to see past (so to speak).  I think they should take a second look!

My co-worker’s comment got me thinking about the other small, but meaningful advantages I enjoy every day.  I asked around to see what other couples had to say and came up with the following list.

The hidden advantages to being with someone with vision loss:

  1. No worries if you have spinach between your teeth on the first date!
  2. You will never have gray hair or wrinkles.
  3. You don’t have to share the morning newspaper.
  4. You will have your own personal GPS who can give you very precise directions when getting around town.
  5. You will not be disturbed by someone reading with the lights on while you want to sleep.
  6. You can bring presents home without having to hide them or find clever ways to sneak them into the house.
  7. Your partner’s beautiful guide dog will be yours to love and enjoy but you won’t have to walk it or scoop after it—unless you want to.
  8. Pre-boarding if you wish when traveling by air and skipping to the head of the line at amusement park rides and many other tourist attractions.
  9. You can decorate with any colour scheme you want in your home.
  10. People with vision loss tend to be very tactile.

Thank you to everyone who was willing to share.

Which of these appeals most to you?

2 comments on “Take A Second Look — Date Someone Blind This Valentine’s Day!”

  1. Even better than not having to share the newspaper, if your spouse has access to a reading service, you can listen right along and don’t have to worry about reading!

    1. secondsense says:

      Yes! Along the same lines a sighted spouse can get a lot done with descriptive movies on. I can watch my hands if I want to and not the screen.

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