Independent Living Skills

We will teach you how to take on a wide variety of everyday tasks in new ways.  Take control of your life by participating in our individual and small group instruction and discover a new sense of independence.

Whatever you need to do, we can help you learn a way to accomplish your task!  Our Independent Living Skills training is free of charge and you don’t need a referral.

Independent Living Skills: Individual Training

Our training teach you how to do everyday tasks in new ways so you can maintain your independence and live life to the fullest!Image on Top is Dee using task lighting, wide-lined paper and a bold print pen to make her handwriting more legible.  Image on bottom is a coin purse with separate slots for each denomination.

Take control of your life by learning how to:

  • write legible, take notes you can read and record private financial transactions,
  • enhance vision with magnification, lighting and contrast,
  • organize personal space — from a closet to a kitchen to a wallet,
  • continue favorite pastimes like reading, sewing and knitting,
  • do laundry or other household chores, and
  • other daily tasks like dialing a phone or ironing a shirt.

Our individual instruction is free of charge and requires no referral.  Contact Polly Abbott by email or by phone at 312-236-8569 to schedule an individual consultation.

Independent Living Skills: Group Classes 

We also offer a variety of training classes teaching techniques that will help you accomplish your everyday tasks or learn a new skill.

Reclaiming Your Kitchen!

Learn how to organize your kitchen efficiently, use a knife safely, operate small appliances and prepare a healthy meal.

Stitch It Up

Our open sewing lab teaches beginning and advanced skills, such as threading a needle, making simple repairs or operating a sewing machine.

Beginning Braille

Our braille lessons teach you the basics so you can read elevator panels, write shopping lists and record phone numbers.

Knitting, crocheting and other crafts with adaptive techniques

Bring a project of your own or start something new. This training is offered as an open lab for all skill levels with instructors and tutors available.

What’s Write for You

Learn strategies for making handwriting legible, taking notes and keeping a calendar using tools that make the task easier.

Dining with Confidence

Put the pleasure back into dining with this interactive class.  Learn how to gracefully reach for table items, find food on the plate and cut meat and other large items.

More Than Just an Elbow

Learn the safe way to escort and be escorted using the human guide technique.  This active training class teaches how to safely travel through a variety of environments including moving through tight spaces, around obstacles and up and down stairs.

Check out our calendar for a list of upcoming classes.

Orientation and Mobility Training

Orientation and mobility is the art and science of teaching a person with vision loss to travel efficiently, safely and independently – according to the individual’s goals and ability.

At Second Sense we offer different training options and referral services for this skill: from self-protective techniques to human guide to independent travel.  Read a description of orientation and mobility training and call Polly Abbott for more information.